You and your family need not be shackled to the popular and the modern. Your life and home need not look and feel and operate like everyone else’s. You can be a pioneer again and forge a new way forward. One that gives your family a stable foundation, solid protection, and boundless opportunity.

Too many men give their best to an employer who doesn’t care about them. And too many men long to give more to their community, their families and to themselves but don’t know how.

This is how The Pioneer Family can help

Individual & Family Coaching Sessions:

  • Train you (and your family) to be financially, mentally, and otherwise capable of making a major work change such as starting your own business, working at a smaller company, or living off less income.
  • Radically change your family’s culture from using to creating, from consumption to production, from pop culture to something you own.
  • Teach you to budget and spend according to your goals and values.
  • Unleash your family’s power and potential be being true pioneers.

Organizational Coaching:

For groups of individuals or families who are starting a “pioneering” group. Be it a company, a co-op, a school or something else. This is our family program adapted to organizational needs and goals.

Speaking and Events:

Michael Perrone, the founder of The Pioneer Family, is available to speak at online and in person events.

Online Lecture Series:

Coming soon…